ST-Mat: Sound & Thermal Insulation/Van Thermal Liner


>>Price per square meter<<

Note: this material comes in a roll that is 1 meter wide and is sold by the meter.

[Example: if you buy 3 units, you will receive a roll of material that is 3m long and 1m wide]


ST-mats provide both sound and thermal insulation. Made from closed cell rubber foam, the material is also water resistant, moister proof and fire retardant. It is also extremely sticky and lightweight. This makes it very easy to install around complex curves and corners found in campervan interiors.In addition, it can also be used as a van thermal liner.




Size: 1 x 1m (39.4″ x 39.4″)

Thickness: 3mm | 6mm | 10mm |19mm | 25mm

Cover Area: 1sq.m (10.8 sq.ft)


Where to apply the product:

  1. Under the bonnet
  2. Floor
  3. Roof
  4. Door panels
  5. Wheel arches
  6. Bulkhead
  7. Boot

The foam is self-adhesive. To apply, thoroughly clean the area, cut mat to size and firmly press down the material on the prepared surface.

Combining Products

For the best results, we recommend adding two layers of insulation material inside your camper, as each product helps to tackle different noise ranges and provide different insulation properties.


You can combine the following materials to achieve the highest quality soundproofing in your vehicle:

1. Sound deadening mats:

For the first layer, you can apply this product to the vehicle’s metal body elements. The mats dampen the vibrations and low frequency noise created by these parts.

2. Closed cell foam insulation such as ST-mats:

For the second layer, you can add the ST-mat on top of the sound deadening mats. This product provides both sound and thermal insulation, and also helps to block the passage of medium and high frequency road noise inside the vehicle. In addition, this product is moisture proof which makes it an ideal finishing layer in campers as it helps to prevent condensation.

Other Specifications

BASE MATERIAL: foamed synthetic rubber and closed cells of various sizes

THICKNESS: 3mm | 6mm |10mm |19mm | 25mm

SIZE: 1m (39.37″x39.37″) wide


WEIGHT: 0.25kg/sq.m

COLOUR: black

THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY [λ W/(m•K)]: -20 °C = 0,031 |  0 °C = 0,033 | +20 °C = 0,035 | +40 °C = 0,037

PROPERTIES: waterproof, oil-resistant, non-toxic, odorless, does not absorb moisture, does not decompose under the influence of weather conditions