Autoshim Black Layer Tape


Black Layer tape is based on polyurethane foam with latex impregnation and is designed to absorb unwanted high and mid-range frequency noise. The sound-absorbing impregnation protects the material against moisture, aging and gives it a specific ability to slowly return to its original shape after prior compression, making Black Layer tape an ideal product for suppressing resonance of plastic cab elements and car upholstery.

Where to apply the product:

  • Seal for plastic interior parts
  • Dashboard
  • Door panels
  • Roof liner

Black Layer tape is soft, flexible and self-adhesive, making it easy to install on flat or complex surfaces. To apply, thoroughly clean the area you want to cover and firmly press down the conveniently pre-cut tape on the prepared surface.

  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Size: 4cm  x 1.95m

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  • Base Material: latex-impregnated polyurethane with open cells of various sizes
  • Thicknesses: 5mm
  • Size: 4cm x 1.95m (1.60 in x 6.4 ft)
  • Temperature Range of Use & Operation: -40ºC to +100ºC
  • Properties: self-adhesive, non-toxic, odorless product, resistant to moisture and UV radiation, does not decompose under the influence of atmospheric conditions up to 20 years