10mm Termo Felt


(price per one sheet)

Termo Felt is an acoustic felt with additional thermal insulation properties. The sound absorber is made of synthetic fiber with a reliable adhesive layer for installation. Plastic elements and parts of the car body have become the main areas of application, but in addition, these mats can be used as an anti-squeak for the car.

Where to apply the product:

  • plastic car parts and body elements
  • roof
  • door cards

Termo felt is self-adhesive, making it easy to install surfaces. To apply, thoroughly clean the area you want to cover, cut mat to size and firmly press down the material on the prepared surface.

  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Size: 0.5m x 0.75m
  • Cover Area: 0.375 sq.m

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  • SIZE: 0.5m x 0.75m (19.7″ x 29.5″)
  • THICKNESS: 10mm
  • COVER AREA: 0.375 sq.m (4 sq.ft)
  • SHEET WEIGHT: 0.2kg
  • WEIGHT PER SQ.M: 0.270 kg
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE OF USE: from -45 ° C to + 100 ° C